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Welcome to the VanHorne Family History

Discover the legacy of Maurice (M.K.) and Kathryn VanHorne, their 6 children and their families

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Maurice (M.K.) and Kathryn VanHorne

This is the history of the family of Maurice (M.K.) VanHorne and Kathryn (Colwell) VanHorne and their six children 1) Virginia [Van Horne] Hasek, 2) Carolyn "Carrie" [Van Horne] Glenn-Christensen-Van Horne, 3) Dorothy "Dot" [Van Horne] Green-Van Horne, 4) May [Van Horne] Curtis-Demkowicz, 5) Marjorie [Van Horne] Leahy, 6) Maurice David Van Horne 

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Family Picture from the 1970's


VanHorne Family in Pawnee City

Top row (left to right) Ivan Hasek, Stephen Glenn, Robert Curtis, Stirling Glenn, Jim Leahy, Rex Hasek, Randy Curtis, Roger Leahy, Margorie Leahy, Jerry Leahy, Ab Christensen; 2nd row Dorothy VanHorne, Virginia VanHorne, May VanHorne, Kathryn VanHorne, Maurice VanHorne, Carolyn VanHorne; Bottom row, Jane Leahy, Susan Curtis, Maurice David VanHorne. 

2017 VanHorne Family Reunion

Memorial Day weekend is the time that the VanHorne Family often holds a family reunion at the VanHorne house at 906th 5th Street in Pawnee City, Nebraska. This picture was taken in May of 2017. This weekend is also the time that the family prepares a batch of Almoline Balm for friends and family

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Five VanHorne Daughters

L to R: Margorie, May, Dorothy, Carolyn, Virginia

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VanHorne House - 906 5th Street, Pawnee City, Nebraska

The VanHorne house in Pawnee City was built about the time of the Civil War. Generations of VanHornes grew up in this house. Maurice and Kathryn raised their six children here. Carolyn and Dorothy VanHorne lived in the house until their passing in 2013. Carolyn's son Stephen Glenn currently owns the house and has completed a comprehensive restoration of the home with hopes it will last for generations to come.

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2nd Generation of VanHorne's

The October 2019 Reunion in Harvard, Illinois, to celebrate the life of Virginia (VanHorne) Hasek. L to R: Rex Hasek, Randy Curtis, Maurice David VanHorne, Stephen Glenn, Mary (Hasek) Klein, Roger Leahy, Susan Lee (Curtis) Cutugno.

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VanHorne Family Park

Dedicated May 29, 2022

The Pawnee City Council recognized the vital roll that the VanHorne Family has played for the City and County by renaming the South Park in Pawnee City as "VanHorne Park". Major upgrades to the park include new basketball, tennis and pickleball courts as well as a new amphitheater.

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